Review – TABi notebook

Well this is an interesting item. Something quite different. The Tabi notebook.

TABI notebook

We often use the word ‘notebook’ to describe any book in which we write things down. I have notebooks for writing my first drafts and notebooks to record important points that a speaker makes at a conference. But sometimes it is necessary to create a collection of notes gathered over a period of time. Authors do this as part of their planning process. Character, setting, research. The notes we make may be written over a period of weeks or months.

In a conventional notebook, notes on character are muddled up with notes on setting. Sometimes it can be hard to find those notes weeks later. One way round it is to create an index at the beginning of a notebook and religiously cross reference the pages. So that you have a single place of reference that the notes for Character A are on pages 5,19 and 27. But this method requires … er … method! One slip and your notes on Character A are lost among research on penguin nesting habits and the blood splatter in sub-zero conditions – if you are writing about a murder in the antarctic or the walk in freezer in a zoo.

The Tabi notebook gets round this by having a visible index tab for each page. This is achieved by having four different paper sizes within each book – A5-A4 . The pages for each paper size are fringed with index tabs.

When the writer makes a note,

  • they decide which size paper they wish to use.
  • Open the notebook at the relevant page.
  • Make some notes
  • Mark the index tab with the date or a meaningful reference.
  • To make accessing the notes easier at a later date, the writer could use a highlighter pen to colour the index tab

I think the Tabi notebook is an ingenious new design which could be very useful for writers or researchers during the early stages of planning a new project.

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