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Interview with Wayne Turmel

I am in awe of people who have fancy-schmancy fountain pens hand-crafted by Tibetan gnomes, or write in different colours depending on their mood.  Maybe it’s because my handwriting looks like hieroglyphics done by a crack addict, but I could never justify using anything expensive. Plus, my writing is very small and cramped, so I need a fine point. Years ago, I discovered the Uni-ball Vision Elite Microfine in black. I bonded with it like Harry Potter to his wand. I now buy them in obscene quantities and have them all over the house. They are also fabulous for doing crossword puzzles.


Because I am such an incorrigible doodler and brainstormer, I feel guilty writing in a nice notebook or fancy journal. It’s as if I’m not worthy of having nice things and I’m vandalising them with my nonsense. Instead, I use cheap 5×7 spiral-bound 5-Star notebooks with plastic covers—usually purchased in the same frenzy as my pens. I always have 2-3 empty ones in reserve. I can throw them in a pocket, tear out sheets guilt-free and generally abuse them. I am completely irrational when it comes to choosing the right one. I will use black, red or blue ones. Lime green covers are the work of the devil.

For outlining my novels and making in-depth character notes I’ll use a bigger college-line notebook, same criteria. I never pollute a notebook with multiple novel ideas. Each gets its own book. I’m pretty sure that’s in Deuteronomy or something, but it’s a law.

The fact that the man who invented the Post-It note never won a Nobel prize is an outrage. Since I can’t bring myself to write in a book, even when making notes, I sticky-note my research material, completely without colour-coding or any identifiable system.  All sizes, all colours, as long as they don’t fly away. There’s nothing sadder than seeing a pile of used post-its on the floor and knowing you’ll never find that quote again.

For over 15 years I’ve been writing both fiction and non-fiction. For non-fiction, the book I co-authored with Kevin Eikenberry, The Long-Distance Leader: Rules for Remarkable Remote Leadership was released in 2018 and has been very well received. It’s even coming out this year in Mandarin, which I can’t wait to see.

I write fiction to save what’s left of my sanity.

I’ve written 3 historical fiction novels: The Count of the Sahara, Acre’s Bastard, and my newest book is the second part of Lucca’s story, Acre’s Orphans. It’s historical fiction for people who don’t normally read historical fiction.

I also love doing short stories in all kinds of genres. Those notebooks get a workout, let me tell you.

My motto is, “those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. The rest of us are doomed, too, but at least we get to smile smugly and say ‘told you so.’”

Where to find me

I live in Las Vegas, but even if you’re not here I’m not hard to find. My Amazon author page is at

I am on Twitter @Wturmel and my website is:

One thought on “Interview with Wayne Turmel

  1. Thank you for giving me the chance to come out and play with your readers. I appreciate it very much, and hope there isn’t a run on my pens so they will continue to have plenty in stock!


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