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Interview with Julie Caplin

The way a pen writes is the most important thing to me. My absolute favourite is a bright pink Ted Baker pen, complete with its own case, which a work colleague bought for me a couple of years ago.  It writes beautifully and it goes everywhere with me in my handbag. Given my propensity for losing things, it’s a miracle I still have it!


I very rarely buy a notebook, most of mine are gifts from friends who know I’m a writer and they always manage to find beautiful ones.  If I am buying one (and I have so many I really don’t need to!) I like to buy an A5, soft back cover notebook that doesn’t weigh too much and will go in my handback so that I can take it if I’m travelling. I am also a sucker for a notebook with an apt slogan on the front and one of my current ones is a Paperchase notebook with Dream Big on the front. It’s also in teal blue which is one of my favourite colours and has a gilt edged pages, which serve no purpose but look gorgeous. Another winner in a notebook is an integral ribbon book mark.


I am the queen of post it notes, if I spot a new colour or a new size, I’ll swoop on them. I do use them extensively in my editing process along with a roll of wall paper.


I plot out my current work chapter by chapter on the wall paper and then annotate in different coloured post its. I also print out the manuscript and will notate that with post it notes.


Northern Lights copy copy (002)


I write feel good romantic comedies, often set in other countries, which of course I have to visit for the sake of research. I’ve written eleven books under two different names, Julie Caplin and Jules Wake and in December gave up my day job in a school to become a full-time writer.  My books are set everywhere from Copenhagen, Paris and Brooklyn through to back state in an opera house in Covent Garden and the Chiltern Hills, where I live. My next book, The Northern Lights Lodge by Julie Caplin set in Iceland will be out on 28 February 2019

published by HarperImpulse.


Find out more about my books on my website:

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