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Interview with Maggie Sullivan

My favourite pen is a ball point I received as a Christmas present with Maggie Sullivan engraved on the side. It’s special because it is personal, it writes smoothly and it helps my writing flow.

Maggie Sullivan author pic

I buy different sized notebooks according to their function. Small ones for everyday notes and thoughts, larger ones for research notes or writing actual scenes. I love those with beautiful hard covers that have fancy closing and sealing devices like the paperblanks range.

I also like papermate non-stop pencils and the kind of soft rubbers that are often to be found in souvenir shops. For me, they are most useful for writing the first draft of a dialogue scene. I use a lot of paper clips which have to be the coloured/coated variety, and post it notes, preferably with an illustrated joke on them that can make me smile.

mothers day on Coronation St PB for blogI have just completed my third novel in the prequel to Coronation Street series published by HarperCollins. Each book highlights one of the Street’s favourite characters and offers insight into their early life before the television soap appeared on our screens.  This third book is called Snow on the Cobbles of Coronation Street and will be released by HarperCollins later this year. Set at the end of Wold War II, It features several characters who went on to become firm favourites in the television show including Hilda Ogden, renowned for her malapropisms.

However, it is the second in the series that is about to be published in paperback. Mother’s Day on Coronation Street, is set mainly during World War II and concentrates on the ups and downs in the life of Annie Walker, landlady of the Rovers Return pub. This will be published on February 21st 2019, so watch this space!

The first in the series, outlining the colourful childhood of Elsie Tanner was set during the Manchester Blitz. It is called Christmas on Coronation Street and was published in paperback by HarperCollins in November 2018. The books are also available as e-books, in large print and on audio and several short stories related to the books have been published in women’s magazines.

I can be found on twitter @MaggieSauthor 

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