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Interview with Monica Rondino

My favourite pen or pencil is my B6 pencil, because I like to sketch a lot and this one gives me the liberty to do it without thinking about the final drawing. Probably, this love comes from my experience in 2D animation years ago. Most of my traditional illustrations are made with B3 to B6 pencils that I can scan and colour with Photoshop or simply colour them with watercolours.


Every now and then I use sketchbooks and when I buy one, I look for something practical and not too big because my early sketches are very small. But I have to confess that I prefer to sketch on occasional pieces of paper because most of them I don’t think are very good. In the end, I will clean up and finish only one or two of them.


As well as pencils, I buy rubbers,brushes, pens and everything else I can use for drawing. Last but not least, watercolour paper that I use for my illustration projects but also for preliminary colour roughs that I will use as a guide when I work on my digital illustrations.

Toofs coverI’m an Italian artist, I worked several years in 2D animation and comics. In later years, I focused on children’s illustrations. I published in collaboration with Andrea Pucci several comicbook covers and some book covers and illustrated “TOOFS” a children’s book by Australian authors Jennifer and Estelle Poulter, released in 2016 and published by WordWingsBooks. At the moment, I’m working on a new children’s book that involves a dinosaur family.


You can find more about me and my books on my website : Every now and then on Twitter: @Theartofpuro and Instagram : @theartofpuro

And about our book on Facebook :

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