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Interview with Elaine Everest

Writing all day and every day, either on my computer or making notes in my numerous notebooks, I like to have a pen I can grip with ease and feels nice to the touch. I have some beautiful pens that have been gifted to me by my husband and friends for special occasions but my every day ‘go to’ pen is made by Cath Kinston.

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These chunky, colourful pens not only feel good but look good. I have arthritis in my fingers which is worse in my right hand – and of course that’s the hand I use most. I’ve tried specialist pens but for me it is the Cath Kidston variety. However, I now collect the pens and every time a new colour or pattern appears on the market I have to have it – and they are kept in my Cath Kidston pen case! My husband jokes that I’m like a school kid with my pen case.

Elaine Everest updated author photo

My ‘go to’ choice for notebooks is the Pukka brand. The weight and quality of paper is perfect for me. I use the A4 and the A5 varieties. With every new book, when starting to plan, I have two new notebooks. The A5 one for characters, settings and technical notes – I write historical novels so need to research and get my facts as correct as possible. The A4 size for scene ideas and when I don’t have my laptop. I no longer write long pieces by hand but write straight to the screen. However, there are times when a notebook is better. Although online research is kept on my laptop – I have a MacBook Air – I prefer early research note to be kept in a notebook. I envy people who can use specialist computer packages to write a novel but it’s not for me. I have numerous beautiful notebooks that have been given to be but I keep them for looking at and stroking – strange eh?

The larger sized colourful paperclips are my preference and I always have a pile around to use. I’m also a fan of sticky notelets but these are used as markers in my many reference books.

Teashop Girls coverI write historical sagas. My latest is The Teashop Girls (Pan Macmillan) which is set in World War Two at the time of the evacuation of Dunkirk. My main characters work in the iconic Lyons teashops in Ramsgate and Margate on the Kent coast as Nippies in their smart bland and white uniforms. This is the start of a new series.

I’ve also written The Woolworths Girls series of books with another being written at the moment for publication in 2020.


You can follow Elaine on Twitter at: @ElaineEverest and on Facebook at @ElaineEverestAuthor


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