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Interview with Patricia M Osborne

When I’m at the early stages of a poem I grab whatever pen or pencil is around but nine times out of ten it’s a Bic multi-ink pen as I have them scattered around the house. If I’m doing a book signing or writing something out that is a bit special then I use a ballpoint that was a gift from my late mum when I graduated in 2013 from my BA Hons in Humanities with Creative Writing and Music.

IMG_4206 (3)

I have some beautiful notebooks received as gifts. It’s stupid but I don’t like to use these for my jottings. Instead these are kept for when the poem is ready but then is it ever ready? However, I am always purchasing notebooks and tend to go for small ones that fit in my handbag, and bigger and heavier ones for around the house and on my desk.

Bic pens

I’m lucky that I rarely have to buy stationery products myself as I receive plenty of items from family and friends for gifts. They know me well. I like post-it notes, little pads, pens and pencils of all kinds, scissors, highlighters, to do lists. I just love stationery, in particular, stationery from Paperchase, a shop where I can lose myself for hours.

A little about me. I’m married, a mother and a grandmother and I’m proud to say that after four years of study with Brighton University I am now a Master of Arts in Creative Writing. I live in West Sussex. I’m a novelist, short story writer, and poet, although it is the novelist and poet that mostly defines me.

BA Graduation gift from Mum

I have had various poems and short stories published in magazines and anthologies and my next step is to work towards publishing a couple of poetry collections. The first, ‘A Delightful Country,’ is a timeline divided into four sections about my local park where I spent time in 2017 as Poet in Residence. This collection is exhibited by my local museum from 7th March – 28th April 2019.

The second collection I aim to have published is poetry written around myth, folklore and legend of trees. This has been one of my most inspiring and enlightening projects.

House of Grace KINDLE COVER web promoMy debut novel, House of Grace, A Family Saga was published under my own imprint, White Wings Books, in March 2017. House of Grace is the first in a trilogy although may be read as a standalone. It tells the story of a young sixteen-year-old girl of noble birth who wants to be a fashion designer but her father has other plans. The reader travels with Grace, the protagonist, through two decades (50s and 60s), as she struggles with family conflict, poverty and tragedy.

The second novel in this series, ‘The Coal Miner’s Son’ (which may also be read as a standalone) is with my editor at the moment but I hope to have news of publication in the not too distant future.


Facebook: Patricia M Osborne, Writer @triciaosbornewriter

Twitter:  PMOsborneWriter

Where can you purchase House of Grace?

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