Papers. Pens. Poets. is the brainchild of two writers who are obsessive about stationery.   Fountain pens. Notebooks. Pencils. Erasers. Staplers. Pencil cases. Paperclips. Gel Pens. Post It notes. Folders. Bull dog clips. Ink. Marker pens. Sharpeners. We love them all.

Whether it is the pens we write with every day or the special notebooks we hoard for their beauty or the stationery items we hand pick to give as gifts to friends, we are obsessive about design, quality and practicality. We are proud to call ourselves stationery addicts.

Jo Franklin

Jo-Franklinwood_0100_webJo’s obsession with stationery started with writing paper. During her holidays from boarding school she would stay in touch with her best friend with long letters scribbled over thick sheets of fuchsia pink or bright turquoise writing paper. During term time she set up The Paperclip Club which had no purpose, but its members wore a paperclip on their lapel. Now that Jo is an adult she has widened her obsession to other items Lamy Joy italic nibbed fountain pens, Caran d’Ache inks and Leuchtturm notebooks.

Find out more about Jo at www.jofranklinauthor.co.uk and you may find the occasional tweet from her at @jofranklin2.

Anita Loughrey

website photo4Anita is passionate about stationery. Every handbag and rucksack she owns has its own pen and notebook tucked inside, so she is always prepared when the muse finds her. She writes her first-drafts long hand with beautiful pens and notebooks then types them up. When the first draft is complete, it is printed out and filed in a decorative folder ready for editing where she uses a range of multi-coloured highlighters, gel pens and post-it-notes. She does not have a favourite brand and bases her choices entirely on aesthetics. Her love of stationery fuels and exacerbates her desire to write.

You can find out more about Anita Loughrey and her books on her website: www.anitaloughrey.com and on Twitter @amloughrey.