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Interview with Cathy Cassidy

I tend to use black gel pens when I’m making notes or sketching characters for a story – they’re cheap and I love the richness of line. They’re great for both writing and drawing. I am addicted to notebooks, but there is no particular brand I go for – the main requirement is that it… Continue reading Interview with Cathy Cassidy

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Interview with Cassandra Parkin

The very bestest pens in the whole world are blue gel-ink pens with a nice fat nib. I love the way the ink looks on the page, all fat and smooth and luscious. Everything looks more important when it’s written in gel-ink. There are some downsides (they’re expensive; they don’t last long; I’m left-handed, so… Continue reading Interview with Cassandra Parkin

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Interview with Lorraine Gregory

My favourite pen to use is a purple INKJOY by Papermate. Not only does it have PURPLE ink but it is very lovely to write with. The ink flows beautifully and never gives me any problems. I have bought several boxes and will be signing all my books with them! Notebooks are one of my… Continue reading Interview with Lorraine Gregory

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Interview with Amanda Lillywhite

While researching the pencils I use most often I found that one has been discontinued – Lyra Titan Woodless 6B. Thankfully my other favourites, Pilot Croquis 6B and Mars Lumograph 4B are still available but as soon as I have finished writing this post I will stock up. Lyra Titan, Croquis and Lumograph pencils all… Continue reading Interview with Amanda Lillywhite

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Review – Vintage McCall’s Patterns Notebook Collection

Vintage is so popular these days, it’s not surprising that Chronicle Books have come up with a series of notebooks based on the iconic format of McCall’s sewing patterns. Although the clothing depicted on the front is definitely vintage – 60’s or 70’s I’d guess – the format of modern sewing patterns hasn’t changed, but… Continue reading Review – Vintage McCall’s Patterns Notebook Collection