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Interview – Jo Franklin Help I’m an Alien Stationery Addict

Along with being the co-founder of Papers Pens Poets, I am also a children’s author and my debut UK book Help I’m an Alien is published by Troika Books this month, May 2016. Anita asked me if I had bought any stationery in preparation for the publication of my book. Of course I have! I’ve… Continue reading Interview – Jo Franklin Help I’m an Alien Stationery Addict

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Review : Semikolon Sticky Tab Markers

Revision season is upon us and any stationary addict who has exams will choose their revision stationery very carefully to ensure a modicum of enjoyment among the relentlessness of eternal studying. I think these sticky tabsb by Semikolon are brilliant.   12 x 40 stiff paper marker tabs presented in a neat case. They can be… Continue reading Review : Semikolon Sticky Tab Markers

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Article: Paperchase Flagship

The organisers of National Stationery Week published a Stationery Tour of London which sounded like a great idea to Papers Pens Poets although to do the whole tour on one day would be a bit too much for anyone – even us. The official tour takes in 18 outlets, mostly nationwide chains with a few well know… Continue reading Article: Paperchase Flagship

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White Calligraphy Pens from Manuscript

I have always admired fine calligraphy. The sort written on vellum or parchment with lovely illustrations entwined around the initial capital letter further illuminated with gold leaf. Probably because these early books were the first to be treasured. Sadly my attempts at writing anything so fine have always ended in a spidery ink blot, not… Continue reading White Calligraphy Pens from Manuscript

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Star Wars – the best character in a notebook

Anita and I saw so many great things at the London Stationery Show. We were like a pair of dogs in the forest, not knowing which stand to sniff next. Some exhibitors were selling practicality – Pilot and Lamy had row upon row of pens. Others were selling the stationery lifestyle with matching To Do… Continue reading Star Wars – the best character in a notebook

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Review: Artline Stix Colouring Markers

Artline Stix are a range of connectable, buildable markers and pens. They have a triangular shape cloaked in Lego-style studs which mean you can connect them to each other. In addition they can be connected end to end. The ink in the colouring markers is washable. These are really fun colouring pens. They are aimed at… Continue reading Review: Artline Stix Colouring Markers