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Interview with Rowena House

The idea of precious stationery was anathema to me as a journalist: reporters’ notebooks are basic tools, and very scruffy ones, too, by the time they’ve lived in a bag or back pocket for months. Now, as a fiction writer, I buy beautiful hardback notebooks in the expectation that they will become repository of inspiration… Continue reading Interview with Rowena House

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Interview with Della Galton

My favourite pen, which is a purple Sheaffer, was given to me by my best friend, Molly. “This, is for signing books at launches,” she said, and so that is what it’s used for.  It’s deliciously heavy and posh-looking and even holding it makes me feel special. I always go for ‘cheap as chips’ reporter’s… Continue reading Interview with Della Galton

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Interview with Cas Lester

I have two favourite pens. Please don’t make me choose between them. I can’t, any more than I could choose a favourite child. Because both the pens were given to me by (two of) my children. Funnily enough they’re quite similar – the pens, not the children. Although, come to think of it, there is… Continue reading Interview with Cas Lester