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Interview with Camilla Chester

I don’t have one particular favourite pen or pencil but there are definite types that I go for. I like those sort of scratchy bic biros and the plastic pencils that you push the lead out of. The finer the nib the better for me because my writing is really big. My choice of stationery… Continue reading Interview with Camilla Chester

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Interview with Sue Moorcroft

I’m not going to open my drawer and count how many notebooks I have. Let’s just agree that the drawer is full. My latest was given to me at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature at the beginning of March. I went to the festival to teach a three-day fiction-writing course and be part of… Continue reading Interview with Sue Moorcroft

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Interview with Solange Hando

As a travel writer, I use pens for note-taking on the road but I couldn’t say I have a favourite, the cheaper the better. Likewise for note books, size, practicality and price matter more than looks. During the day, I carry a jotter pad for brief, often barely legible notes which I transfer long-hand into… Continue reading Interview with Solange Hando

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Interview with Eve Ainsworth

I always write in pen and it has to be black and very smooth. I can’t bear pens that snatch on the paper. Nor do I like it when they smudge too easily. Papermate flexigrip is a regular, cheaper favourite that I keep in my bag at all times (I go through pens very easily… Continue reading Interview with Eve Ainsworth

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Interview with John Shelley

Pens and pencils are at the absolute core of what I do as an illustrator, I use a variety of traditional dip pens and nibs and a bottle of india ink (old school!) for my finished book illustrations. Outside the art studio though, for everything else – doodling, sketching, writing, shopping lists – I’m completely… Continue reading Interview with John Shelley

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Interview with Jackie Marchant

My favourite writing implement is a pencil with a rubber on the end – what I’d call a good old fashioned word processor. I prefer my pencils slightly chunky, the lead on the soft side. Not sharp sharp, not blunt, sometimes I have to rub the point until it’s at that perfect stage where you… Continue reading Interview with Jackie Marchant