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Interview with L. M. Sorrell

I treat pens like collectors’ items. Truly, I do. I don’t mean the ultra-fancy pens that cost hundreds and can only be viewed through glass cabinets, to be honest, I’m not particularly interested in them at all. Boring. No, I mean pens like Sharpies and anything cheap and cheerful that has any kind of glitter… Continue reading Interview with L. M. Sorrell

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Interview with Emma Graham

When drawing I love a mechanical pencil, not bothered what make, but with a 2b or 4b soft lead for sketching. When it comes to final artwork it varies according to the piece, again sometimes a ‘no outline’ look requires a lightly lined outline to ink in, this again is with a 0.5 mechanical pencil,… Continue reading Interview with Emma Graham

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Interview with Elizabeth Ezra

I have an overwhelming preference for pens over pencils, I guess because I like to think that writing in permanent ink will make my ideas more enduring! However, I’m an academic by trade, and when I mark assignments by hand I always use pencil so I can rephrase advice if I find a better way… Continue reading Interview with Elizabeth Ezra

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Interview with Krysten Hager

My favourite pens are the chubbier ones because they’re easier to write without my hand getting tired. Right now I’m using the Pilot Dr. Grip ones. A friend recently gave me a set of scented gel pens and I love having all the different colours for editing and they smell amazing. There’s something about writing… Continue reading Interview with Krysten Hager